Turn restriction: How long does one let a to/from run a road before cutting

Stumbled on a junction in Keepright which has evident turn restrictions missing. Similar encountered last week. The roads arriving at a T junction, classic Italian model, are one ways for right, left, on and off are uncut miles long and in the previous case so long to extend to the next village, puzzling over where that only_straight_on ‘to’ was coming from.

The junction

The long roads from this junction before planting the first turn restriction was without cuts, the bottom way northbound a single mapped way extending past the junction to the eastbound end.


The question is: How long does one reasonably let a road run in a from or to position before one applies the scissors? Some of these ways have side driveways/service ways used as a reason to set the cut there, some just absolutely nothing the question also arising when navigators decide it is enough with the limitation.

In instances, when the traffic sign says only a straight on is allowed, a no left is coded to avoid the arbitrary cutting of such ways. For navigators is has the same effect, not entering into ponderings on navigators not being fast enough to catch up on the driver having chosen the correct exit way i.e. too late to compute that the driver took the straight ahead exit way for the exampled junction southbound but really needed to go eastbound.

(As an aside when adding destination:forward/backward, the same happens, the destination(s) continue to remain in the navigator display till that next cut happens)

thank for your councel.

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