Two ways with same position: how to resolve?

So, inspired by @dieterdreist’s excellent response about “one feature, one OSM element” (Relation:multipolygon - #23 by dieterdreist), I decided to read more about it on One feature, one OSM element - OpenStreetMap Wiki. And that particular scenario caught my attention again: two ways in the same location.

Since I’m learning Overpass QL, I thought, “Why not give it a shot?” I quickly built up a query to find fences drawn over areas of different kind, and here’s one of the them:

I loaded them into JOSM and ran the validator. And yes, the validator generated a warning that there were two ways with same position.

According to the wiki, here’s how they suggest tackling it:

A closed way tagged with two feature tags, one of which is usually a linear feature such as barrier=hedge and another which represents an area such as amenity=school. In this case it is ambiguous if the barrier is meant to represent an area or a line, and for all properties it is unclear to which feature they belong. In such a case you may consider making a separate relation for the barrier=hedge and for the amenity=school, make the closed way a member of both relations and transfer the tags from the way to the relevant relation.

So, now I’m wondering how you would solve this. Is the wiki’s way the best option (which is a bit intimidating for me), or can we resolve it in a simpler way? Maybe draw a slightly larger area and put the fence inside it? Or how about drawing a fence with gaps for gates?

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