Type of stone in surface (`surface=granite` and similar)

There is noticeable (but not very high) number of surface=granite / surface=marble and other similar tagging type of stone into surface tag.

I think that it would be much better to tag it as a material tag.

Tagging surface=granite blocks distinguishing between surface=paving_stones / surface=sett / surface=unhewn_cobblestone / surface=rock etc.

surface=granite may be any of following

Exposed raw rock (surface=rock)

(file page)

Natural stone machined into a flat surface (surface=paving_stones)

Flattened stone, but still not entirely flat and not covering entire surface (surface=sett)

Raw cobblestone of natural, uncut, rounded stones. (surface=unhewn_cobblestone)

Stones or plates individually arranged in a row, allowing to walk on, surrounded by an unpaved medium such as grass or water (surface=stepping_stones)

Maybe also surface=gravel and surface=pebblestone

(note: specific photos above may be not necessarily depict granite, but surface=granite could also take such forms)

So I would propose to tag material of surface differently - maybe material=granite would work?

So instead of surface=granite use material=granite? For example instead of highway=pedestrian surface=granite tag highway=pedestrian material=granite ?

This would unblock tagging specific form taken by this materials and tagged as surface=paving_stones/sett/unhewn_cobblestone/…

I plan to:

  • edit Key:material - OpenStreetMap Wiki to clarify that material=granite and similar is fine on roads
  • create wiki pages for surface=granite surface=marble and similar high use to describe that tags as not preferred for describing material of road/path surface (including link back to this discussion)

Would it be a good idea?

Note that above applies only to types of rocks and does not apply to some other surface tags describing materials (say, surface=mud that is not a problem as it takes only one form or types of metal where I have not yet thought what would be a good handling of them).

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