Umap and recent satellite layout?

we got some tree grafting volunteer project and were using satellite layoutd to localize said trees. We used Google Earth at first but the satellite take is from 2019 to this day.

Geoportail seem to feature 2021 ones, so I’m pretty confident that I’d get our organizer to switch to OSM if I could make it happen. I see there is some instruction about making it work Images Tuilées - WMTS (OGC) | Géoservices - but I’m a bit lost because of the lack of concrete example, and I couldn’t find much looking on google.

I tried adding{z}&TILECOL={x}&TILEROW={y}&STYLE=normal&FORMAT=image/jpeg to umap by guessing, but guess I’m off.

If you have any pointer, it doesn’t even need to be “geoportail”, I couldn’t find much on my own sadly.

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