Undiscussed import in Algeria?

I first saw this in this post Low quality automated creation of building where i also commented on one of the changesets in question where the user ignored my questions and continoued editing wrong data. (Changeset in question: Changeset: 136663926 | OpenStreetMap )

Today i looked into it again and it seems like the DWG also asked the user something Changeset: 141609506 | OpenStreetMap and there was a bigger discussion where the user just claims to know what they are doing in this changeset Changeset: 141072234 | OpenStreetMap

The user is Superadlen | OpenStreetMap @Superadlen and it seems that he was active in the old forum.

As the quality of a lot of the buildings are really low quality i personally think this should be deleted because it might deter new users from editing.

I post a link to this thread in the changeset and i hope the Superadlen will discuss the import here before continuing.


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