Undiscussed import name:etymology:wikidata

TLDR: revert all name:etymology:wikidata edits by user https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/korobkov (changeset example Changeset: 126317660 | OpenStreetMap)

In 2022, user https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/korobkov entered 400 000 name:etymology:wikidata tags for street names in Russia.

Judging by global taginfo, the import was not only in Russia

  1. There was no discussion with the community
  2. Imports were of poor quality. The largest revert of an import error: Changeset: 139168964 | OpenStreetMap
    And there were quite a few examples in the Telegram chat of the Russian-speaking community.
  3. The poor quality of the import suggests that it was not checked by native speakers and was done by mindless matching of word roots.
  4. Import data is unknowingly corrupted by other participants. Few people realize that this tag needs to be changed when dividing or renaming streets. iD and JOSM do not warn about this.
As a result, etymology is starting to show up on very different street names. (click for more details)

Given that the author of the import has deleted his account, I don’t see anyone willing to maintain the import data and suggest deleting all imported contributions from this user.

  1. Considering that the import is partly related to the Mapcomplete editor, there is doubt about the quality of its users’ edits

But as I’m looking at user contributions in Russia I suggest other local communities to speak up.

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