Undocumented usage of side=*

Martin just fixed an issue in iD with the use of the “side” key used for highway=cyclist_waiting_aid objects, see don't reverse `side` tag of highway=cyclist_waiting_aid features, fix… · openstreetmap/iD@85f4cc0 · GitHub

That prompted me to quickly check taginfo, which shows ~70’000 uses of the key of which only ~500 are for waiting aids and the rest seem to be used with traffic_sign objects, likely from traffic sign presets, which contain

which contrary to the direction key seems to be totally undocumented. That alone wouldn’t be an issue, however there are implied semantics that indicate that when the key is used together with traffic_sign and is a way node, the values should be reversed when the way is reversed. Any keys that require special handling really really need to be documented.

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