United States Bicycle Route 37 in Indiana awaits OSM entry

There remain a few more weeks while AASHTO has state DOT-submitted United States Bicycle Routes “on ballot” for the Spring 2023 Round and then we’ll hear which ones AASHTO Approves (in June or July). Just about the last one to be entered into OSM this Round, USBR 37 in Indiana awaits. If you like entering or “tinkering around with” type=route (route=bicycle or otherwise) relations, this might be an enjoyable endeavor. See our wiki [1] for links (in the table’s row for USBR 37), where an OSM relation has already been “seeded” at the route’s termini. This might take you a few hours, it might take you a weekend, but it should be fun for anyone who like these sorts of small projects.

Depending on how we count (new routes, realignments and supplemental / belt-spur routes), there are something like 14 USBRs this AASHTO Round, the “second biggest submission ever” to AASHTO in the USBRS. OSM is nearing completion of entering these “prototype routes” (we attach the state=proposed tag while the route relation is under construction in OSM, then remove this tag upon Approval); only the Alaska routes and USBR 37 in Indiana remain. Going, going, soon to be gone! The Alaska USBRs this Round are a bit exciting as (if Approved) they may allow contiguous routing between Bellingham, Washington and points in Alaska via ferry, “closing the gap” for cyclists on long-distance treks between Alaska and the lower 48 states.

Feel free to communicate status directly in our map (data entry, changeset comments…) and wiki.

Happy mapping!
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[1] United States Bicycle Route System - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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