[United States] Mapillary missions

Hi all,

I work with the folks over at Mapillary through my job at Kaart. We have launched Mapillary Missions in the United States. This blog post explains it well but the tl;dr is that Missions focus on small areas of particular interest (high potential density of POI, stale existing imagery). You can grab a Mission (usually a stretch of road, 300-400ft) where you capture a certain number of images to complete that mission.

For the next few weeks (ending Dec 12) there’s a Missions Challenge: register (link in the blog post) to win prizes by completing the most missions. I am probably not eligible but I’m going to capture a few myself right now. Rediscovering the Mapillary app & plugin has been fun. Greetings from snowy Utah!

Oh and. Missions are only on the iOS app for now :frowning: Sorry!

Happy mapping,

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