Unusual and not documented shop values

I created listing of unusual and not documented shop values, maybe it will be useful for mappers: User:Mateusz Konieczny/unusual shop values/Germany - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Note that “unusual and not documented” does not mean “wrong” - many should be simply documented.

Some may require resurvey, some may be a clear typos or written in language other than English and simply to fix by local mappers.

Some may have an obvious meaning and benefit from retagging, including use of some subtag (shop=fuel fuel=coal or shop=spices cuisine=indian). After all, having thousands of toplevel values like shop=soccer_equipment_shop_open_from_8:00_to_18:00 or several duplicate values for the same type of feature makes using OSM data without any benefit at all.

Let me know if this list is useful but outdated (I will setup refreshing it in such case) or pointless/problematic (I can delete it if it is causing more problems than benefits).

In case that something is a valid value listed on the list typical solution would be to create OSM wiki page about given shop value and it will drop on regeneration of the list.

Remember, it is better to not edit than break data in case of tagflidling - create note if unclear or unsure.

Many values should be documented as valid on wiki rather than retagged.

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