Unwarranted Flaggings

The discourse forum software seems to be based around a concept, I’d describe as: Users invest time and efforts to build a public personality. I conclude that, from the number of awards users here receive. This reminds me of marketing strategies, commonly used to make users stay with the platform.

Recently, in a topic I started, a new user, with not much public record, flagged several posts as “inappropriate: the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines” (Un-Translated from otherwise local language PM). Among others, a post of mine was affected, that is how I learned about it. The user did argue, that the way the topic went does not meet his expectations that he wanted to see. A moderator posted, that the user might look to other topics, that might be more comforting. The same, or another, moderator the next day restored the flagged posts.

As much as I think, the more eyes, the more thorough the review. Leaving me with no countermeasure to protect the goodwill that I earned (see above) against obviously uninformed actions of people just doing havoc by chance in a topic that I started, is a bit disheartening, don’t you think?

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