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Greetings all:

I learned how to update a map (adding no existing routes/roads), how can I do this following changes to an existing map/route:

  1. when a road splits in two, the route showing on the map is correct, but the exit number is wrong (I suspect the exit number was changed and never updated), how can I update this information? Is there any video explaining how to do it?

  2. not sure if this is related to previous question, when a road splits in 2, the route shows correct, but there’s no warning which one to take.

  3. I believe there’s an error with one of the routes I take occasionally, I suspect a new road was built but never updated (the warning said there’s a round about, and take exit Y, and there’s no such thing), to update is it the same as updating an non-existing road (just map it out on the editor? what about the previous road? can I see it on my editor?)

Thanks for your comment/suggestion.

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