Update to Mission Statement

In the recently adopted OSMF Strategic Plan, we mentioned need to examine the Mission Statement and Scope.

Affirm OSMF’s defined scope of responsibility and authority OSMF Mission Statement and Scope is a critical document for succinctly defining the active roles OSMF and OSMF Board takes. The increasing relevance of OpenStreetMap has also an impact on the mission and scope. The mission statement needs to be regularly reviewed from time to time. With the last revision from 2015, this has a very high priority.

In reviewing the Mission Statement and scope, my impression is that we don’t need a full overhaul, but needs a bit of work to be more readable and inclusive of expanded areas of OSMF responsibility. This included copy editing for consistency; a little structure with headings under the scope section; careful inclusion of new scope like HR functions and some software development under OSMF; and removed items that were unclear or overly specific.

This is in motion at OSMF Mission Statement Update - HackMD. We have discussed and responded to feedback within the Board. We now want to gather feedback over the next two weeks from the wider OSMF. Please comment here.

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