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Hi all,

Thank you all for your feedback to the consultation on membership prerequisites. Based on your responses and discussion at the board’s virtual face-to-face meeting, we have decided not to call an extraordinary general meeting to change membership rules. We intend instead to implement measures on new memberships through a board decision at the next OSMF board meeting (if we’re happy with your feedback here). We will limit new memberships to people who have at least registered three months ago and mapped 15 days. Later, we will use a survey to gather additional feedback and confirm the membership’s support for the change. We also evolved our thinking on the criteria. More on both points below.

Point 1: The implementation.

The plan so far was to implement membership prerequisites through a general meeting. Because the next AGM in December is still a long time off, moving forward with this now would require an additional meeting to be scheduled specifically for this topic. Calling a meeting of all foundation members, and doing the same for any future tweaks to the requirements, seems cumbersome.

To avoid this, we want to install requirements on new memberships through a simple board decision (which we’re allowed to do by the Articles of Association). We’re not casting anything in stone, and a future board can adjust the requirements.

Later this year, we will formally survey of the membership. Compared to a general meeting, a survey is more flexible in the types of questions we can ask. We will not be limited to simple yes-no votes, but can specifically ask about details such as the number of days, the types of contributions, and other aspects of the proposed requirements. Based on your response to the survey, we would decide whether further, less or different measures are necessary.

Point 2: The requirements.

We’re hearing a lot of discussion about how to validate non-mapping contributions. We also hear workload concerns from our working group volunteers. That’s why we’re now considering to count only mapping days, but set the barrier so it isn’t too high for people who mostly contribute in non-mapping ways.

Pending membership feedback, the Board therefore intends to accept new normal and associate memberships applications only from persons who have mapped over 15 days, and have registered at least three months ago. The Board will ask the Membership Working Group to implement these restrictions.

Please let us know your thoughts on our plan.


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