Upload my photos taken from my camera into multiple street-level photo platforms

I have seen new actors in the street-level photo area, and they have exciting motivations to contribute. They receive the photos with different conditions but ultimately for the same purpose: to do business with them.

The classic platforms and the photo licenses are:

  • Mapillary CC-BY-SA
  • KartaView CC-BY-SA

New actors are:

  • Mapilio CC-BY-SA
  • Hivemapper - No license specified

Suppose I take photos with my camera (no mobile application), let’s say a GoPro. Then, I download them to my computer. At this point, I am the creator of this content with all rights for me.

The question is: Can I upload my photos to different (or all) platforms? Each one has its usage conditions, but I don’t care. I want to contribute my images to the community regardless of use. Is there any constraint or legal impediment to doing this?

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