Usage of curve:name and curve:ref

I would like to improve how curve numbers are tagged in my local region, as of now many are indicated as place=square + name=*, which seems sub-optimal to me. Here is the traffic sign that is typically found in such places (tornante=curve in Italian), often also paired with the elevation.

I searched through the wiki and found the tags curve:name and curve:ref, which, associated with curve=*,seem perfect for my use case. The only doubt I have is that they do not seem to have gone through a formal approval process, plus their current usage is very low. So the question is whether you are ok with the two tags and if they can be freely used.

At least in Italy, this same feature is tagged in a lot of different ways. Some of them include place=*, information=board/route_marker and highway=milestone, here an example nominatim search. I would then propose to add curve:name and curve:ref to the “similar tags” category of such pages, so to help in standardizing the usage.

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