Usage of the OSM Tile Server in the context of a war plus no OSM attribution

It was reported in WeelkyOSM #698 that the Israel IDF forces published a map with an OSM background to orient civilians in Gaza. A new publication from France24 reports
that since the resumption of the Israeli offensive on the north and south of the Gaza Strip on December 1, the armed forces have regularly dropped leaflets and contacted Palestinian civilians, calling on them to evacuate to what they call " safe areas" in the south of the Gaza Strip. But images filmed on the ground show that some of these areas have been bombed several times. A QR code points to gaza map.
(see translation of France24 article ).

Looking back at the map, we can observe that while OSM is used as background with a link to as tile server, there is no attribution.

What should be OSFM policy in such context ? Note that I did open a github ticket about the no OSM attributon.

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