Use of bicycle=designated vs bicycle=yes OUTSIDE of Germany

Dear all,
we had a long discussion on the German forum Radverkehrsanlagen kartieren: Wann setzt man bicycle=designated? / users: Germany / OpenStreetMap Forum about when to use bicycle=designated and when bicycle=yes. We find out that there is still no consensus on this in Germany.

Some mappers use designated to signalize that the cycleway is signed with the official blue traffic_signs (in Germany that means it is compulsory). Non-signed cycleway are marked with bicycle=yes.
Other mappers uses designated/yes only to signalize the difference between an shared foot/cycleway and an footway that is opened for cyclists (which means in Germany that cyclists are allowed or to ride at maximum walking speed). (The most cycleways in Germany are either shared or segregated foot/cycleways)

I would be interested to hear how other communities (not Germany) deal with the designated/yes gradation. To see it in the context of the local traffic rules, it may also interesting to know about:
Are in your country cycle paths along streets that must be used and those that are not?
Are pedestrians generally allowed to use cycleways? Are cyclists generally allowed to use the road or sidewalks or is it generally forbidden?

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