User importing prison-names from official websites and sometimes deleting valid stuff (by mistake)

The user @saldenisov imports lots of names of prisons all around the world from official websites with sometimes unclear licencing for his personal project. See the german thread Gefängnisse in Deutschland, wo sind sie?

It looks like he has no feeling as to why licencing is important. But, they answered in the forum and also to the old changeset-comments as well.

Why this post. I think quite some stuff should be reviewed and checked if the deleted stuff is back already, see Changeset: 144615126 | OpenStreetMap for example.
The imported name Changeset: 141247506 | OpenStreetMap simply seems wrong, for example.

As visible from the history i think the user should follow the Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Your thoughts on that?

(I informed the user of this thread in a changeset)

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