User Tracking by discourse

I just noted in the profile settings that discourse in engaging in a tight user tracking. It tries to identify the machines used for logging in and seems to track sessions tightly.

What exactly does discourse track about a user’s activities?

Is there a way to remove/limit that?

From many discussions in the past I think it is against the spirit of an open community like OSM to do such Google-Style client tracking. This should provoke complaints from the more idealistic and privacy-aware members of the community or keep them away from using discourse at all.

And while we’re at the topic:
Has this been examined from a legal perspective?
Is all the data collected required and justified for operation of discourse?
Is the data deleted automatically after it is no longer needed? AFAIK reasonable times for web sites do not exeed 7 days.
Is there a privacy concept formulated for it and documented?
To my knowledge the GDPR requires all of that and OSMF is a large enough organization to better make sure there is no obvious violation.

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