Using OSM to convert longitude and latitude to metadata on a photo collection

I have developed a new open source tool to convert the latitude and longitude on digital photos into places that can be searched using Windows, Lightroom, Bridge etc. This uses Open Street Map data via the nominatim API service. The IPTC metadata fields (Sublocation, City, State/Province, Country) or Windows tags are updated on each photo.
The tool will work through a set of directories and, if geolocation is found, then a call is made to reverse geocode the photo. To prevent too much load on the servers, the results are cached - if another photo is found for a similar location, a look up is not required. A one second pause is also build in between API calls.
Although primarily designed for better organising a photo collection, there may be some uses in mapping, although I am not expert in this area - for instance, I have found a few anomalies on photos I have geocoded.
The java source is available to download on Github, together with packages for Windows and Macos. Any feedback would be welcome.

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