Various landslide tags replaced with hazard=landslide

A sequence of 26 changesets over the last 6 months* has replaced several tags used to define the area of landforms created by landslides with hazard=landslide.

The tags that were replaced with hazard=landslide are:

  • natural=area of the landslide
  • natural=شلال معركة السلالم (“Staircase battle chute” according to Google Translate)
  • natural_2=landslide
  • natural=lansdslide
  • natural=land_slide
  • natural=Landslide
  • natural=slide
  • natural=landslip
  • natural=slip
  • natural=broken_ground
  • geological=landslip
  • natural=landslides
  • geological=landslide
  • geological=mass_movement

The replacement with hazard=landslide seems to have been a misunderstanding of how the tag should be used. The OSM Wiki describes the hazard=landslide tag as indicating designated areas where landslides are known to occur, e.g., by tagging a sign placed to warn people about the area. So this tag would seem to be appropriate only where the danger of landslides has been officially designated.

In contrast, the natural=landslide page describes the use of the tag to mark the area of a debris field of a landslide. This page also proposes the use of the geological=landslide tag for “historical” landslides.

Four of the 26 changesets were recently reverted by DWG as undiscussed mechanical edits. However, the remaining changesets are still in place. I have three questions about the remaining changesets:

  1. Should the remaining changesets be reverted in part to restore the tags that were in OSM before these changes?
  2. If the original tags are restored, should some of the obvious synonyms be changed to natural=landslide?
  3. Should the hazard=landslide tag be removed from the landforms created by recent or historical landslides or should this tag be retained? (That is, are all former landslides currently hazards?)

* The OSMCha link above includes two extraneous changesets in the results.

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