Velopark - OpenStreetMap-synchronisation in Belgium

Hi all,

I was asked by Fietsberaad to create a tool to synchronize Velopark data with OpenStreetMap, which I started to work on. is a data repository containing information about ~3000 bicycle parkings. All of this data is within Belgium with the majority in Flanders.

The approach for this project would be to create a tool based on MapComplete and MapRoullete which:

  • shows both OSM-data and Velopark-data on the same map
  • Allows to ‘link’ a bicycle parking to a velopark entry by setting ‘ref:velopark=*’ on the bicycle parking
  • Then, when opening the popup of a linked bicycle parking, the attributes of the OSM-object and the velopark data can be compared. The contributor can choose to copy attributes into OSM.

Furhtermore, a more automated flow might be setup (especially in automatically linking a bicycle parking to a velopark entry). However, the idea is that a person is always the end responsible and makes sure the data quality is good.

This automated tools will in no case add new polygons nor change the location of polygons to OSM. New points might be added on a bigger scale by me in a (verified) import - if the data quality (esp. location) is good enough and there are no objections from the community.

In either case, please let me know if you have any doubts!

I will post a sneak peak of the tool soon.

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