Very small import: disabled parking in Halle

I recieved some data from the City of Halle with the explicit request to add it to OpenStreetMap. It contains 186 parking spots for the disabled, of which the vast majority has been reviewed in detail.

The original data is available here. I’ve already elimated the spots that were not reviewed, and have only kept the attribute data length and width, which I think is interesting. Many of the spots are hard to see on imagery, so the measurements are bound to be much more detailed than we could do online. The filtered subset is available here. This info seems relevant to people who actually need these spots.

I would tag them as:

I have already done a quick review of the data, and many can be spotted easily on imagery. There is also decent open traffic sign data as an extra check point. My idea is to review a large fraction of them, and add the rest in bulk if I spot zero issues. In September, we’re doing disabled-focused mapathons, so perhaps then we can do a review in the field.

Any remarks or suggestions?

EDIT: originally I suggested the below for stand-alone spots, but most feedback says to not complicate it in that way

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