Vespucci - how to add a node to a relation?

This question is something of a follow-on from this one. Simon’s answer there not unnaturally suggested using Vespucci, and I mentioned elsewhere that I’d had some issues with that. He’s my attempt to try and explain those problems - perhaps someone will be able to explain what I’m doing wrong?

In this case, I noticed that this bus stop was missing from this bus route relation.

To add it, I zoomed Vespucci in on the bus stop, downloaded data, unlocked editing, tapped on the icon at bottom left that goes to properties, and selected “relations”. That gets me this screen:

that’s not tremendously helpful because I don’t know which relations that it is already a ember of. However, I can look on to see, and use the “three dots menu” to “add to relation”. That gets me this screen:

That relation list includes lots of relations from places that I have been recently (such as Selby) that aren’t near this bus stop. there’s no obvious way to see which bus stop I am about to add or have just added

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