[Voting] Feature Proposal - GTFS Tagging standard

Voting has started for a GTFS Tagging standard.

The aim of the proposal is to have a standardized way to reference objects in GTFS feeds. This is needed because OSM does not - and likely will never (not maintainable) - contain timetable data.
By making a GTFS feed discoverable from OSM and pointing from OSM objects to GTFS objects, we allow data consumers to find timetables.

A short summary:

  1. Deprecate the gtfs_* namespace for the gtfs:* namespace
  2. Deprecate gtfs_id and gtfs:id for gtfs:stop_id and other GTFS column names
  3. Add a new feed relation with the features contained in that feed.
  4. Add gtfs:stop_id:(feed_ref) schema for features in multiple feeds.

Changes since RFC start:

  • Use gtfs:url instead of gtfs:feed_url
  • Add cascading membership to solve issues with regards to relation size
    • List more OSM objects for each type of GTFS object
    • Allow network as a member
  • Allow URL’s that redirect tot the latest version of the GTFS feed
  • Make the characterset of gtfs:feed less strict
  • Explain the difference between network:guid and gtfs:feed
  • Explain the benefit of a relation
  • Explain why it is a good idea to keep the gtfs:* tags seperate from ref, name, …

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