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Wall in water to seperate swimming from water regeneration area: How to map? (Wall, compund lake, regeneration area.)


I have a question how to map → this correctly:

There is an artificial lake with two areas. One area for swimming, one area with lots of plants for the regeneration of water. Both areas are divided by a wall that is in the water (the water flows in the regeneration area through a dedicated passage and is moved by pump), the top of the wall is at the surface of the water (a few cm above, but slight waves already overflow it).

How to map the wall? Current situation is barrier=wall and height=0. The wall has a considerable height below the water surface. But something like height:underground would not be applicable. Are there tags for in-water detailed mapping? Is height=0 wrong?

Furthermore, how to correctly map the two-partedness of the lake? Current situation is that there are two water bodies mapped which share one edge (this edge is the barrier=wall:

  • The area for swimming is mapped as
  • The → regeneration basin is mapped as

But they somehow belong together. Is there a way – similar to building:part – to map the whole thing as one body of water and then make sub-features with different properties? Important is that the access=no gets meaning. Or is some type of relation the way to go here?

I know that the regeneation area is heavily overgrown by plants (artificial created and maintained – for the purpose of water cleaning). Should it be mapped different than natural=water, water=pond? natural=wetland, wetland=reedbed for example? Is there some specific tag for this use case?

I mention @MrBean, because this user initially created the feature.


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