Watercourse name appears incorrectly mapped

I have been adding watercourses to southwest Queensland from the Surface Hydrology Lines Australian Data Sources - OpenStreetMap Wiki recently and trying to preserve already well mapped waterways.
Hope Creek appears to be incorrectly named in OSM. I believe this area should be corrected to Ravensbourne Creek.

The view below shows the wider area with Ravensbourne Creek selected in red and Hope Creek in black/blue highlight just below the orange rectangle as named in the Surface Hydrology Lines dataset.

In OSM the section in the orange rectangle however, as shown below, where the creeks cross Paddy Behan Way, Hope Creek is depicted as red lines with a steak of Ravensborne Creek (sic) running through the area. Outside this area, it remains unmapped.
Near Athol (which leads into Athol Station) there is a creek crossing sign marked Hope Creek which I think is incorrect and has led to the mapping error and the source as “source:name=sign at Paddy Behan Way”.
A couple of other creek crossings were signed Ravensbourne Creek.

If there is consensus, I will rename Hope Creek in the orange rectangle area as Ravensbourne Creek. Otherwise I will leave as is.
I have been unable to find any Mapillary imagery along Paddy Behan Way naming Hope Creek but didn’t look very diligently and someone may have their own recent imagery.

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