We don't need anonymous notes

More than once we have come across useless and/or harmful anonymous notes that have to be deleted (for example, try searching the forum)

To begin with,

Why anonymous notes should be left:

  1. They are very easy to create. Went to osm.org , pressed the button — note on the map
  2. Can be used on other sites without registration, such as onosm.org .
  3. No need to change some applications.
  4. Privacy. By definition.

Why is it bad:

  1. They are not used for their intended purpose. Every now and then there are notes from tourists marking routes or from people leaving personal notes on the map.
  2. It is impossible to contact the author of the note. What if there is not enough information in the note to change the map? An anonymous user is most likely not familiar with OSM and does not know what information cartographers need.
  3. They are easy to abuse. The author of the note does not risk anything. We even hide the IP address from everyone. Even Wikimedia doesn’t allow this. We see offensive notes every now and then, especially after the recent waves of vandalism. For example, I have met (and still meet) a bunch of identical notes that contained incorrect information about demolished buildings. Smoothly move on to the next point.
  4. The data source is unclear. And what if the data is taken from a prohibited source? If we don’t trust such notes by default, then why do we need them? Just for someone to take the time to check on the ground?
    4.1. The context is unclear. This is partly a consequence of (2). Through which application did the user leave a note? Through a mobile editor while being nearby? And how up-to-date was his data in the cards? Or sitting at a computer hundreds of kilometers away looking at outdated photos from the Internet? There will be no connection with him.
  5. We can’t even handle non-anonymous notes https://resultmaps.neis-one.org/osm-notes

Arguments against my arguments for leaving notes.

1-3. If we have a simple registration, and this is easy to do with the help of social networks, then it will be easy to leave notes
2. If notes are used to add information to OSM (especially on the strict POI information form) then why not enter POIs directly into the database?
4. And why? If someone gives us dangerous information, can someone put it on the map at all?

There is another idea that will make it a little easier to detect harmful notes from one user: use the user’s IP address as the author of the note.

I’ll note that I’m not calling for the anonymous notes to be removed right now, but I want to get the community’s opinion. What do you think about it?

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