Websites using OSMF tile servers without attribution can now be easily reported

Issues · openstreetmap/tile-attribution · GitHub can be now used to report cases where OSMF tile servers are used, but attribution to OSM is missing.

Listing there requires first sending a message to the entity.

Once the case is reviewed and its validity is confirmed, this will result in the OSMF tile servers being unavailable for them.

If the OSMF tile servers are not used, this reporting mechanism is not applicable. This can be checked with the network panel. If unsure, please report the problem at the Lacking proper attribution page at the OSM Wiki. It is covering all kinds of cases of attribution issues. Polite email to whoever uses OSM data without proper attribution is still useful.

Help with educating people about OSM attribution requirements is welcome and helpful and reporting cases where it has not resulted in improvements is also encouraged. I listed some cases which I am aware of, there were also reports from other people including a case where blocking access to our tile servers resulted in a quick fix.

(this is an official OSMF announcement, consulted with other board members)

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