weeklyOSM shares a piece of news, but knowing more is difficult

might this interest you?

this is about an entry in the weeklyOSM, a piece of news regarding mapping, on which I wished to provide feedback, and did not find how to do so.

what happened?

in the weeklyOSM for the period 15/03/2022-21/03/2022 there was the following “Education” entry:

  • Youthmappers published their project results about how to connect volunteered geographic information and crowdsourced spatial data with government cartographers and geographers to better serve the public across the Americas.

The piece of news is as copied above, it does not provide contact information. If you open the published article, it is a slideshow, for which »The publisher chose not to allow downloads for this publication«, the publisher seems to be a US-based institution, reachable on social media platforms I don’t use, and one of the activities describes something that happened here in Panama.

There’s very little going on here in OSM-Panama, and I sort of keep track of it, welcoming new users, checking with some diligence the osmose site, or the openstreetmap-history for this area, so I was puzzled, what were they referring to, since I did not see anything going looking like what they described at page 31-32?

my attempts at finding whom to ask.

I first wrote on the OpenStreetMapOrg group on Telegram, and I’m aware it’s not an official channel, but there’s people from the weeklyosm who every week share the updated link to the weeklyOSM. then I wrote to the official email address for weeklyosm.eu. then after another week I wrote to the person who manages the Spanish translation of the weeklyOSM and who posts links to the new ‘semanario’ on the OSMLatam group.

this was helpful, in the sense that Eric Armijo provided a very friendly answer, but we still do not know what was the mapping action described in that issuu presentation.

what next?

I promised to Eric that I would post a topic here, so we can more openly understand each other.

hi Eric!


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