What are the quality criteria for names in OSM?

In general, we work with the OTG rule - i.e. it should be verifiable on site. That doesn’t always work with names. In particular, natural objects such as mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. are often not signposted. If we use maps as a reference, the suspicion of copying other data may arise.

Some objects do not have official names but may have local, regional or nick names. Here it is difficult to prove whether and to what extent these names are in use.

In the German forum we are currently discussing a nickname for Autobahn 2 “Warschauer Allee” this name is said to be used by truckers. He got into Wikipedia without a source reference and was consequently picked up by the press for reports. After removal from Wikipedia, usage in the press also seems to be declining.

When is a name relevant for OSM and how should its (“common”) usage be proven? (It may be necessary to set different standards here depending on the importance of the objects and, for example, put the use of the “name” in relation to the frequency with which the object is mentioned.)

Or is quality completely irrelevant to us and anyone can invent, enter and spread (fake) names?

Please lets talk here about names in general. To discuss “Warschauer Allee” please use the other thread.

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