What are wiki Q-Items used for?

What are wiki Q-Items (e.g. Q108) used for? Could they be used more?

As far as I know, they are used in iD to link the Wiki page documentation (P31) in your language (if present), also it uses the description in your language and P28 to show a picture.

They are also used in the OpenStreetMap-website to link the Wiki page documentation (P31) in your language (if present):

Do you know other uses?

I think they could be used more. They could be used in QA tools for instance.
For example, Q110 (building:architecture) has P22=Q108 (required key or tag=building). iD could check the Q-Item, and throw a warning if you add a building:architecture tag without a building tag.

Same for P33,P34,P35,P36. If an element has P33=Q8001 (applies to nodes=is not applicable) and you map it as a node, it could throw a warning.

If P6=Q5061 (status=deprecated) iD could throw a suggestion that the tag maybe shouldn’t be used and suggest instead the P17 (replaced by) value.

Do you know if something similar has been proposed/discussed already?

I was looking for Q-Items, but I found out that they are called Data items in the Wiki, so I found this wiki page. I also found out someone made a similar proposal for JOSM. Also Osmose implemented an automatic geometry check in 2012 but removed it later:

“We already tried this in Osmose-QA back but it was a fail. We removed the control. It raises too many false positives.”

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