What can Vector Tiles Today?

I’m curious about state of the art of rendering, without direct consequences. The background is that there is discussion in the Engineering Working Group about vector tiles, and I would like to have the best available information. I know that I have might have missed developments every here and there, and others might profit from a thread as information source with a relevant title as well. I’m also aware that most of the information is in principle available, but for all older sources I also appreciate if you simply confirm along the link that the information is still up to date.

I also hope that it is easier this way to compare the various partial solutions that exist and discover where it is difficult for everyone or where existing solutions can be plugged to give a better bigger.

Are there currently services that promise long term availability of vector tiles?
To point people to to set up a website using that tiles?
Scalable enough to use it as an alternative layer, if wanted so or not?

What is the asserted or expected update rhythm?
Is known where the update bottleneck sits?

What vector tile schemes do such services support?
Is there a documentation or the conversion rules public for those schemes, where?

What is the approx size ratio of those tiles in comparsion to raw OSM PBF or XML?

Are there notable processing steps (e.g. generalization or feature selection more sophisticated than tag filtering, relation breakdown, areas breakdown over multiple tiles)?

What front ends exist and which formats can they consume?

Are there frontends (browser frameworks for end users) that support mixing various vector sources?
Really mixing with interdependent rules in a joint style or just overlay?
Can features be moved between different zoom levels (e.g. render on zoom 10 a zoom 11 feature from tile source A conditionally based on information from zoom 10 of tiles source B)?

What is the end user experience on mobile devices?

What support exists to make styles?
Documentation? Design software or websites? Whitelabel styles with sufficiently liberal licenses? Something completely different?

Answers to only some questions are also welcome. I’m trying to complement this way the information I have researched so far to not overlook things that are obvious to other people but not me.

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