What facilities are available to assist with outdoor activities?

Hello everyone?

I wonder what kind of facilities you can use while doing outdoor activities where you live.
For example, a hand washing facility, a facility that provides garbage bags, a device that blows away dust or insects from clothes, etc… (Of course, all of this must be unmanned or automated machinery.)
What else is there?
Collecting these cases is to think about what kind of tag to tie these things together.
I think it makes sense to find common properties and group them together.

For example, in Korea, there are machines used to blow off dust and bugs after hiking.
A general view of a dust remover using compressed air in Korea : link and link

It is often used in dusty workplaces.

Or there are machines that spray tick repellent.

I’m thinking about which tags to tie these facilities to, or what tags to suggest.

I’d be very happy if you could tell me a good idea.

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