What is difference between shop=tiles and shop=trade trade=tiles? trade=timber vs shop=timber? etc



Is there any difference at all between shop=tiles and shop=trade trade=tiles?

Based on usage it seems that tile shops are popular enough that they are tagged with dedicated shop value.

But what about say shop=timber vs shop=trade trade=timber where situation is reverse?

Would it make sense to give up on shop=trade trade=tiles but try to use for new rare shop types fitting shop=trade - use shop=trade trade= rather new shop value?

For example shop selling safety equipment, especially firefighting equipment - would it be better as

shop=trade trade=safety_equipment safety_equipment=firefighting


shop=safety_equipment safety_equipment=firefighting


Grouping some shop values under shop=trade trade= could be useful as various tools may support shop=trade in general, with optional handling of trade= rather than having no choice and just having much more shop=values.

How many shop types are needed - or shop=firewood vs shop=fuel fuel=wood was on very similar topic

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