What is easiest way to integrate OSM in a participative map application?


I want to create a world map application with participatory creation of map markers. There will be an overlay to it, specific to the app (comments, moderation features, marker sheets, etc) but the markers themselves are expected to automatically enrich the OSM database in return of using the OSM map engine.

I am no developer myself, just quite familiar with some no code tools and the IT language, so I am looking for solutions that I could handle without having to learn how to code all the software.

Something actually close to uMap but that I could customize to fit the project I am working on and ease the way people participate in it.

Do you know if there are any out there? I have looked for such tool but didn’t find anything close to what I am looking for, except uMap, that doesn’t seem to offer what I need in terms of UI and classic app features though.

It can be a paid solution if necessary.

Thank you for your time!


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