What is national sovereignty?

Hi everyone. I come from VietNam !
National sovereignty on OpenStreetMap is currently a topic of interest, especially as there have been changes observed in the information regarding the territorial regions of the Paracel and Spratly Islands on the map. The accuracy and transparency of the data are crucial to ensure that people have correct information and avoid misunderstandings.

I would like to propose a discussion on this matter, sharing that, based on the information I have, the Paracel and Spratly Islands are territories under the sovereignty of Vietnam. I have researched from [Geofabrik Download Server] and would like others to share their opinions and knowledge on this issue.

I hope that this discussion will bring about a deeper understanding, and together, we can achieve accurate information and a multi-faceted reflection of national sovereignty on OpenStreetMap. Thank you for everyone’s contributions and opinions!

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