What is the primary tag that effectively distinguishes a path from a road?

In my region, some mappers tend to be lazy and use only the highway tag. Changes like transitioning from highway=track to highway=path and vice versa without additional tags can cause confusion and potential inaccuracies.

Drawing on local knowledge, I make an effort to enhance these ways by incorporating additional tags. This not only serves as a form of education for other mappers but also contributes to maintaining quality control.

I also plan to train new mappers so I’m interested in determining the minimum tags required to address this issue.

Important: Questions below should read: “what is the additional tag …” and NOT “what is the primary tag…”

Click to view the poll.

Click to view the poll.

Note: I intentionally omitted legal access tags (motorcar=no, 4wd_only), as they should not be employed for this purpose unless explicitly signed.

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