What kind of data is the community interested in from municipalities

Hello, I am the data manager for the city of Liège and an on and off contributor to OSM. We’ve been publishing a few datasets since I got here that could be of some interest to mappers.

I’m thinking mainly about:

  • /explore/dataset/arceaux-velos/
  • /explore/dataset/velocite-abris-velos/
  • /explore/dataset/bornes-de-comptage-cyclistes-et-pietons-emplacements/
  • /explore/dataset/parkings-autocar/
  • /explore/dataset/parkings-taxis/
  • /explore/dataset/aires-publiques-sport/
  • /explore/dataset/fresques-palissart/

My question is, do you find this useful, is there some really juicy data you’d be interested in?

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