What prevents new features from being displayed on the default OSM map?

I have just added some buildings and a couple of OSM areas in an area that was originally described as “Farm Yard”. My edits have been added to the database as they are found in the nearby features search but the buildings are not being displayed . What do I need to do to have the new buildings and features display on the map. I should add I have deleted my browser cache so it does not appear to be a browser problem.

As an example I added a restaurant in this changeset:

Changeset: 144957092

from: OpenStreetMap

I have found similar posts and a link here http://gis.638310.n2.nabble.com/Some-tiles-not-rendering-td6272745.html may have been helpful but it just returns 404 error.

Adding to my confusion I have just noticed that my edits are appearing in the CyclOSM layer:

and my edits are in as data in the OSM layer:

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