What services are required to build a self-hosted website/app for an on-premises navigation system?

Hi there! Not sure if this is the right place, but after hours of searching and testing I could use a bit of input and maybe a few pointers to look for the proper technology to get this done. Maybe something like this already exists and I’m just lacking the right words to find it.

I have the following use-case: A university is looking for an on-premises (not indoor!) navigation/app solution (maybe based on flutter for easier maintenance) for the ~2-3 km² they have buildings/institutes spread across. As a student you would come to one of the entrances of the compound and look for institute X and the website/app should tell the student where to go (via GPS based routing for both, pedestrians and bicycles), what entrances are available for that building and which is the nearest one - because usually there are multiple.

There is a lot of construction going on, so if a path is blocked by a container or closed in general, the staff should be able to easily create a (temporary) blocker to re-route in this case. It would also be nice to add additional things, like trash cans, cafes and other POIs. They are also looking forward to adding new buildings as they’re being finished, is that something they can do on OSM and it gets synced quickly or what is the way to go here to properly draw and identify a new building?

So my plan would have been to host my own tileserver, grab the surrounding area on OSM/Geofabrik (or some pbf extractor for small scale) and load it into that, add some styling with maputnik and let it sit there until the maps get an update, then repeat the process. On top of that I would either add shapes/markers with the corresponding data (via leaflet/fleatflet).

But what about the routing & blockers? Do I also need https://openrouteservice.org/ to manage that? It’s supposed to be only foot-traffic and maybe bicycle, no cars, can OSM do that without extras?

And how would you suggest to manage/edit the POI’s/cafes/entrances/blocked streets? Is there something available that fits right in there and if so, can this be in both directions, to and from OSM so they also profit from the updates?

So in a best-case scenario everything would be self-hosted and managed, but I have tried a few things now with various docker installations and I’m not quite sure if this is the way to go, so if I have mixed different things together, please excuse me, but any suggestions would be appreciated!

TL;DR: What’s the proper way to build a self-hosted, open-source based navigation website/app for a small area which can easily manage/handle road blockages for re-routing and POI’s.


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