What to do about a deletion?

A few years ago, using a GPS, I mapped parts of, and created a hiking trail in Bosnia.
Last week someone, in a changeset 146978796, deleted an important section of this trail.

I have sent a direct message and left a comment on the changeset but, so far, without response.

As for the trail - it is a marked hiking trail, maintained by a local hiking club. I also know people who have used this path in more recent years. It is a well-known trail, which is also published on local hiking sites (i.e. this).

I also contacted the local community (BiH) on a Telegram channel but there are very few active members and, other than the recommendation to contact the author, there was no other activity so far.

Unfortunately, I am not close by to inspect the route myself. Having someone else to inspect it will also take time.

My question is - what to do about this and such issues in general?

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