What to tag this as... long retaining wall mounted 300m up and down ramp with cycle bridge in middle

Took only 1 pic of the just installed steel cycle bridge with temp concrete blocks support in middle.

Each side there’s ramps about 150m long mounted against a rail corridor retaining wall, a short section over the historic rail arches discovered during new rail construction work in the old embankment, causing years of delay and costly redesign work, brick arches one can see from below but otherwise now in a concrete sarcophagus, the picture showing the construction state early last year, nothing more of the ramp constructed as can just be seen in the top image.)

Are these retaining wall mounted ramps bridge too, or what can it be called… balcony bridge :slight_smile:

(And someone last week decided to remove the construction area… the second time would you believe, and still far from finished… demolishing work further down still underway and the grass already mapped in, from a comfy recliner I suppose).

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