What to tag when there is a different kerb on each side of a crossing?

The situation is of a crossing mapped only as a node, with no paths or footways connected to it (common e.g. in cities without sidewalks mapped separately).

kerb=* can be added to the crossing to denote the kerb height on both sides of the crossing (much like tactile_paving)

However, what should be tagged if the kerb height is different on each side? e.g. unmarked crossing with lowered kerb on one side and raised on the other.

Obvious answer would be kerb:left and kerb:right

But what if crossing is at intersection of two ways in opposite directions (e.g. sidewalk situation changes at that point so road needs to be split):
(x is the crossing)

Asking in view of a StreetComplete quest to ask about kerbs on crossings.

I’m not sure how common this situation is though, so maybe it’s enough of an edge case that it won’t matter?

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