What's better: "building yard", "maintenance yard" or something else?

There is a thread in the German forum about unifying the tagging for the thing that’s called a “Bauhof” in German (Bauhof – Wikipedia)
DeepL translates the Wikipedia paragraphs as follows:

Construction yard is a storage place for construction material and machines of construction companies and administrations.[1] Thus, a construction yard can be established at the site of a construction company or be a permanent facility of municipalities, which store there material and equipment for green maintenance, road maintenance and cleaning, winter service, etc. and park the necessary vehicles. In the first case, it is also referred to as a depot or construction depot, and in the latter, it is also referred to as a municipal maintenance depot. Municipal building yards are managed in various legal forms, such as public enterprises or municipal enterprises.
In most cases, the building yard also provides office, changing and social rooms for the employees.

As you can see, even the AI translates the same word in different ways.

These places are quite common in Germany, nearly every commune has one. I would guess that these also exist in the UK and other english-speaking places. If you’re a native speaker, what would you call them in your area?

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