What's the MUTCD code for "Except Bikes"?

I have an “Except Bikes” (using the bike symbol) traffic sign near me (in the USA), that I’d like to map. But I can’t figure out what the MUTCD code for it is.

On the wiki ( MUTCD/R - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) there’s a line for “Except Bicycles” that says the code is R3-7bP – but the image is broken, and it has a note linking to List of Approved Requests for Interim Approval - FHWA MUTCD which seems to be about “Bicycle Boxes” which isn’t (I think) what this sign is about.

The image doesn’t seem to have ever been uploaded, either to the wiki or Wikimedia Commons. Looking online, I found mention of code R5-xxP (talked about in https://downloads.regulations.gov/FHWA-2020-0001-2538/attachment_1.pdf ) but it’s unclear if that’s right, either.

I’d love some comments from people more skilled in this area.

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