What's the process for updating an existing wiki page?

Background: my goal is to enable better support for outdoor activities tagging including dirtbikes.

A. I would like to rework the existing and rarely used dirtbike:scale and related Dirt_bike pages.

These pages were added without a proposal. I tried to reach the original author through one of the discussion pages, and on the forum mentioned, but I haven’t heard anything. Related edits are old.

Should I create a new official proposal similar to this draft I started and reach out for comments?

B) Based on a previous discussion, I would like to propose a new tag mtb:scale=fixme

To replace the existing bicycle=yes or mtb=yes that have been added on mountain trails that are not signposted to encourage/educate mappers to use the appropriate mtb:scale tag instead of legal access tags.

How do I go ahead with this proposal?

  • create an official proposal page for the tag mtb:scale=fixme ?
  • or create a new community topic and post its URL in the wiki page’s discussion for feedback?

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