What's the protocol for correcting ways that have been "corrected" using different data than the original?

A couple of months ago, someone modified a large number of ways based on GPS data. While it is likely that the relocated ways are more “accurately placed”, the older (unmodified) surrounding ways match Esri/Bing imagery. The result is that several ways which should be perfectly straight now have significant jogs in them - and most ways in the area no longer align with Esri/Bing imagery.

The changes that were made encompass over 50 ways and over 1000 nodes. I’m not sure what the area looked like before these changes were made.

Part of me wants to just go in and re-align everything to the map imagery. However, that seems somewhat counterproductive. Also, I tend to not be very tactful. My initial reaction is to get upset and say something like, “You really screwed up this area with your so-called ‘fixes’”. In similar situations involving only a couple of ways and a small number of nodes, I’ve just made the changes that I thought were necessary. I could do that is this case too, but is that the best way forward?

I guess what I’m asking isn’t how to deal with this particular situation, but how to handle such situations in general.

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