What's up with the crossing_ref tag?

A mapper from out of town arrived and changed the tagging on a few marked crossings from crossing=zebra

In the past this tag combo came across my mapping plate in ID Editor and then in I stopped somewhere when coming to JOSM and noticing in the preset the ‘(UK)’ suffix to the crossing_ref field

The crossing_ref wiki does not encourage me at all with the lead in:

There is currently no consensus as to whether or not it is acceptable to use this tag to describe types of crossing markings on their own, as opposed to implying how the crossing is controlled by lights or signals.

(emphasis mine)

The tag sampling is specific to Canada, USA and UK, no actual global “Common values”.

In one town I find now 16 times crossing_ref=zebra and 159 times crossing=zebra. So, what is the standing on this today where TagInfo simply gives the descriptive on crossing=zebra as " crossing=zebra “A zebra crossing”… totally KISS to me. Is it “whatever tickles your fancy”?

Edit: Notice the JOSM preset has the =zebra value in the drop down pick list under (Pedestrian) crossing= , in fact a whole slew of zebra:* values under the subtag markings, but then also is accepted in the (UK) suffixed field i.e. ‘take your pick’.

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